Mealtime Graces and Blessings for All Traditions

May Our Lives Be A Blessing

Remembering those who are hungry
We give thanks for good food to eat

Remembering those who suffer in war and oppression
We give thanks for this time and place of peace and external freedom

Remembering those who are alone
We give thanks for each other, for friends, family, and co-workers on the way

Remembering those who are unhappy and without hope
We give thanks for optimism, humour, and joyfulness

Remembering those who are lost
We give thanks for the light of understanding, truth, and guidance

Remembering the shortness of human life
We give thanks for this moment of being alive

Remembering the living beings who have become this meal
We give thanks for nourishment and the opportunity to continue living

Remembering the many blessings we have received
We give thanks for divine providence
The Creator
The Spirit that Moves in All Things

May our lives be a blessing to all our relations